Three Things To Remember About The Hallberg Insurance Network:


We accept referrals for lines of insurance that you cannot write. The Hallberg Insurance Network was designed as a resource for you. We give you a reliable place to send your customers every time you come across a risk you cannot place. We do not pursue any business that you already have with the customer. In fact, we have a system in place to prevent that from happening. We supplement. We offer what you don’t so that when your customer comes to you, they are leaving with what they came for. Your relationship with your customer will be stronger because you ultimately delivered what they needed.

We write every risk. You might already have a place to refer one or two lines of insurance. But do you have one place you can go to every single time for every line of insurance— even all of the “hard to place” risks? If you do, then we at least know you value our concept. If not, it’s time to start thinking about why you don’t. The Hallberg Insurance Network offers the best variety of carriers available for every coverage.

Why refer for free when you can refer for a fee? We know that you have to be sending your customers somewhere else when they ask for a coverage you don’t write. Are you being properly compensated when you refer your customers? Are you compensated at all? The Hallberg Insurance Network works with you to make sure you are compensated in a way that is both acceptable for your organization and lucrative for you.

The Hallberg Insurance Network is a referral resource for you. We represent over 50 insurance companies- ranging from the largest and most recognizable carriers to the most reliable regional carriers- enabling us to write any risk you need with a quality product. Our sole purpose is to partner with your business to supplement your coverage.

If you’re an independent agent... We’re your broker

If you’re a captive agent... We write the business your company turns away

If you’re a car dealer, financial planner, mortgage broker or other referral source... We complement your business by helping you close your sale